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So Called Fight Club-Another Name For Abuse & Neglect

By Rainy on May 18th, 2009

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      I heard about a news item recently, it discussed an alleged criminal conduct case that is being investigated regarding some staff members of a residential home for the disabled.  The news report was talking about how the staff was alledgedly “bored” and encouraged/forced some of the residents to fight one another.  If that is true that they did this, then, that is not a fight club…it is abuse and neglect, and failure to protect.   There is supposed to be a video that was allegedly proves some of these accusations.   

      This, if proven to be accurate, is a criminal offense and charges will be forthcoming; hopefully, it will show those who were responsible for such actions against the disabled residents.  According to the news report, the residents did not want to fight one another…the small numer of staff are being accused of chasing some of the residents down the hallway and forcing them to fight one another.  Investigations take time, so it is important to not assume anything, just yet, regarding those rumored to be associated with this case.   However, residents deserve to be treated with respect and dignity; they should feel safe at all times. 

        These accusations, if they are proven true, are frightening to those of us who have disabled loved ones.  It is not easy to make the decision to place a loved one in a facility.  Once that decision is made, trust is a big factor in allowing yourself to have peaceful moments.  Most families do research, on available residences for the disabled; but, ultimately you have to go with your gut and trust that things are on the up and up…and that your loved one is safe.  You hope and pray that you are never proven wrong about trusting a facility and making a decision for placement.  Still, staff members come and go…I think it is wise to remember to follow up with periodic drop in visits…and, have conversations with your loved one, when it is possible, about the day-to-day operations in the place.

          No one can or will take care of your loved one exactly like you do.  However, it comes down to some  basic safety & caregiving facts.  Are the staff & residents carefully screened with criminal background checks?  Are there seperate secure residential rooms for those who have been violent in the past?  What precautions are taken to ensure physical and sexual safety for the residents?  Are they properly trained and geared towards delivering care with sensitivity?   Are there any complaints on file about the facility?  Is there enough staff on duty, at all times, to ensure that things are done correctly and safely?  Do they have an open door policy for family members?  What are the proper procedures for complaints, if an issue or question should come about regarding your loved one?  Are other residents screened for previous physical, and or, sexual abuse?  Are there cameras in the hallways?  Are there phones available for the resident’s use?  How does the staff interact with the residents?  Does your loved one ever express concern or fear about living in the facility? 

         I dont know about you…but, when i hear about stories of abuse or neglect in homes or residential placements for the disabled it makes me angry.  The disabled are one of the most vulnerable segments of our population and they should not have to be put through these kinds of situations.   There are some really great places for the disabled to live and when reports come out about the places that have exploited the disabled or endangered them; it is discouraging.   Have you ever had to place a loved one in a facility?  Do you have any words of advice to share with the readers on these issues?

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